This book is about a girl named Nora who is very smart and doesn’t want anyone to know.
When she brings home a bad report card, her teachers and parents have a meeting to discuss Nora’s report card. Everyone at school is trying to help her. This is NOT the kind of attention she wants. The librarian soon finds out that Nora is a genius by looking on Nora’s computer, which was holding lots of advanced information. Nora and the librarian talk about this and Nora keeps her secret (that she’s smart) with the librarian.
So Nora goes to the guidance counselor and takes an IQ test. She tries to get average, but she does a great job. And so the guidance counselor tells other teachers that Nora is smart. The next day, Nora is a total smart-aleck, and the day after that, she purposely gets all zeroes on every test just for the fun of it.
Not long after that (that afternoon or the day after) Nora gets called into the principal’s office. She is in BIG trouble. After she’s let out of the principal’s office, when she’s at home, she calls her best friend Stephen, and they come up with a plan. The plan is... TO GET EVERYOBODY TO GET ZEROES ON THEIR TESTS!
They succeed in getting everyone but two people to get zeroes on their tests. So Nora pretends to be sick, and convinces her mom that she needs to stay home. So later that day, her mom comes home and is really mad at Nora because the principal has got some bad news. So Nora gets in the car with mom (“mom’s orders” ) and drives to the school. At school, she finds her best friend Stephen and a mean boy in the principal’s office. The boy is there because he got into a fight with Stephen about those zeroes. Well, the principal is mad and flaming (and that’s a fact).
So, the principal thinks that Stephen and Nora should be suspended from school for two weeks. But in the end, they aren’t suspended, because the other teachers think that wouldn’t be fair, and they hate giving the tests.
So that day, Nora and Stephen apologize to all the people who got zeroes, for being foolish examples and getting them in trouble. Then, the principal forgives Nora. They consider moving Nora to eighth grade or the gifted program. But Nora says that she doesn’t want to be separated or moved out of that school. So, Nora stays where she is and lives happily ever after.
Moral of the story: Don’t be afraid to show your strengths.